Golden Gate Bridge

About Jason!

I've been a photographer for over 10 years now, and my photography adventures began in 2008 when I bought my first Canon DSLR camera after saving many of my paychecks from my college jobs. Over the years my passion for photography has grown, and my collection of cameras and lenses is constantly changing as I strive to improve all the time. While I keep a regular job as an engineer, photography is a hobby that I've been blessed to turn into a part-time job as well. My wife has been a big part of my journey through photography; she put up with my camera gear slowing us down in the beginning and quickly  became the creative eye behind helping me frame my shots. I enjoy all types of photography and capturing life's moments.

Photography became a serious hobby for me once my wife and I began to travel the world, which picked up in 2011. I became very focused on travel and landscape photography in our trips to nearly 50 different countries. Many of our trips began to center around the best photo locations, waking up early for sunrise and catching sunset, waiting in icy conditions for clear night skies to capture the milky way and northern lights, and packing my luggage full of camera gear with barely any clothes. The world is amazing, and we're humbled that we were able to capture some of its beauty through photographs we came back with.

Our travel adventures have taken a pause for a bit as we transition into parenthood. Our beautiful baby girl was born August 2017, and she now consumes nearly all of our time (and my camera memory cards!). My focus has shifted towards family photography and capturing moments between people. The travel and adventures will surely continue once she makes it beyond toddler stages and can begin to travel with us again. The camera will be waiting for beautiful sunsets, and until then, her smiling face is getting all of my personal attention.

Please contact me if you are interested in a photo shoot - - I'm happy to capture family and event sessions locally in the VA and DC area, or I'm always a fan of travel to mix in an exotic location. Thanks for stopping by!

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